Save time and money

Save time and money with our custom made home search

Sit back, relax and let Riva show you home

Riva Rentals knows the market;
saves valuable time (we screen the total market and schedule viewings;
has good contacts and knows which new properties will come available;
will negotiate on behalf of you and saves you money.

How do we work

Difficulties finding your home

Properties are rented or agents unreachable

Introduction with Riva Rentals

Our agent will contact you for an introduction to explain the home search service and check your wishlist

Market scan by Riva agent

We will scan the complete market for you and prepare a property list based on your wishes

Approval property list

You make the selection and we will plan an efficient tour with all the different agents on one day

Sit back, relax and save time

Let our agent pick you up and be your guide. All viewings in one day and advise along the way! No separate appointments with all different agents

Save money with the best conditions

We will negotiate the best conditions and check the contract

No surprises with After Care

We represent you during the check-in and arrange a subscription for gas, water, electricity, tv and internet

Find your new home
with the noº1 Rental expert
in and around Rotterdam

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